Learning to Teach Online – My Takeaway

I’ve just completed a Coursera course on Online Teaching. This was my fourth Mooc but the first one that I completed throughout as I signed up for the certificate!! (to be more motivated). I decided to go through the entire experience as an online learner to find out how a course design will help me achieve the expected outcomes. What I’d like to share with you is my observation on the course design.

Below is a list of what I found effective:

effective listAnd below is what I felt was ineffectual:

ineffective listI specifically found the peer and self-assessment exercise very useful to help me see the gaps in my responses. We had to assess assignments of three peers assigned to us followed by a self-assessment to complete each assignment.

All in all, being a learner gave me valuable insights into my own course design.

2 thoughts on “Learning to Teach Online – My Takeaway

  1. Ya that’s absolutely true!! Unless and until we experiences as an online learner we would not know what are the means to achieve the expected outcomes.Few days back i have read an eBook on Best Practices for E-Learning Design and Development and it really helped alot http://bit.ly/19neAdD .Hope you enjoy going through the resource. Happy Learning!!

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