Authenticate the Assessment

ExamIn learning design, while we focus our attention on the content, we should also consider assessment as an essential component of a course. By assessment, I’m not referring to mini quizzes which are built in the courses. Most of these quizzes merely focus on knowledge retention not application or synthesis. To make an assessment more authentic, we need to think beyond multiple-choice, true/false, drag and drop, and so on. Continue reading Authenticate the Assessment

Effective Learning Design

Are we designing eLearning courses following a common practice?

I recently listened to Ethan Edward’s webinar on ‘10 ways to ruin your eLearning’, and it sparked some thoughts in me.

Here are the 10 ways mentioned by Ethan: Continue reading Effective Learning Design

Making Learning Feel More Real with Interviews


When starting a course design, I always ask my SMEs what skills the students are to possess or demonstrate when employed in industry. This helps me use the right design techniques to provide more authentic learning experience for learners. One of the elements that I use in my courses is interviews with industry experts. It helps the students gain some insights about the industry from an expert. Further, I turn these interviews into activities or discussions. There will either be some discussion questions or some activities such as role-plays and other relevant ones depending on the course content. It is important that learners analyze their learning after watching the interviews. I prefer to use video interviews if we have the resources. If not, I’ll opt for audio or text at the last resort.

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