Volition in Learning Design

The ongoing debate on making learning stick might make us wonder whether it is the learning design or the learner to make it happen. I’m sure most of you agree that both have a significant impact, so rather than focusing on one, we might want to consider both to help learning stick. I feel we L&D professionals press too much on best approaches that We can use to create an effective course rather than emphasis on techniques that need to be shared with learners.

Those who are in training or teaching might have tried this method, at least during their course orientation. I always highlight to learners I meet face-to-face that their self-regulation, motivation, and perseverance help them achieve the expected outcomes. But how do we do this in an online environment in which we might not see our learners?

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Is there more to an Instructional Designer’s Role?



Do we instructional designers have to see beyond a course design? I mean to what extent do we want to get involved to ensure the designed courses are used effectively by learners? Do we have to consider learners’ interest or motivation in a course? Before, my answer to these questions was as long as I follow a model and some learning theories coupled with engaging activities, I should be proud of my course. Our job ends once a course is pilot tested and delivered to stakeholders. Then we move on to the next project.

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